‘We are looking for new Ram’: Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar shares details on remake of Ramayan

Prem Sagar
Image Source : X Prem Sagar

Ramanand Sagar’s epic saga Ramayan is still one of the most loved TV shows on Indian television. It played an important role in restoring interest in the Hindu mythology and Indian culture. It starred Arun Govil as Lord Ram, Dipika Chikhalia as Goddesss Sita, Sunil Lahiri as Lakshman and Arvind Trivedi as Ravan.

Now, Ramanand’s son Prem Sagar is working on the revamp of the epic saga. In a conversation with ETimes TV, Prem Sagar revealed plans to announce the new show and other related details including the actor who will be playing Lord Ram. 

”It is Ramayan. But it is not the Ramayan of Papaji because that can never be done. That is iconic. To make something like this would be a foolish attempt. That’s a classic. Just like Valmiki, Tulsi, and Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. We cannot ace that. But there are different kind of subjects. You can do Ramayan through Sita’s point of view. You can do Ramayan through Hanuman’s point of view. You can do Ramayan through Ram’s biggest bhakt Kakhbushundi,” Prem Sagar opened up about the upcoming project and its spin-off. 

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”So, we are planning that. It would be a challenging job to create half crow, half human. So, we are planning to do a different kind of Ramayan. For example, when Ravan dies, we cut to a tandav of Shurpanakha. She dances and laughs saying her brother has died. Even the audience is shocked. Because very few people know that Ravan had killed Shurpanakha’s husband. So, this will be a revelation for them. Ramayan has all Navrasas,” he added. 

Talking about the platform where the upcoming show will be aired, Prem revealed that Doordarshan has been locked. ”The satellite channel will accept a Ram of a different kind. But in Doordarshan, the challenge is greater because they only accept whom they see as God. My cook, home servant touched Ram’s feet. Searching for a Ram for the Doordarshan audience is the biggest challenge,” he further added. 

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