Online Scam: Womans Attempt To Purchase Four Dozen Eggs Led To Rs 48,000 Loss In Bengaluru

New Delhi: In today’s interconnected world, scams have become a pervasive threat, capable of infiltrating various aspects of our lives with ease. With the rise of digital communication and transactions, scams can appear unexpectedly causing individuals to question the legitimacy of every interaction they encounter, particularly online.

In a busy area of Bengaluru, Shivani, a 38-year-old resident of Vasanthnagar, faced a financial crisis when a routine purchase turned into a nightmare. In today’s age of convenient online shopping, she fell victim to what appeared to be a harmless deal: 48 eggs for only Rs 49. As per a Times of India report, the 38-year-old woman suffered a loss of more than Rs. 48,000 while attempting to purchase four dozen eggs for only Rs. 49. (Also Read: Boult Audio K40 TWS Earbuds Launched In India, Available At Rs 899, Check Full Specs)

“There was a shopping link mentioned in the ad. When I clicked on the same, it took me to a page where there was a description of how hens were reared and the eggs collected and delivered,” said Shivani. (Also Read: Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Ultra With Leica Camera Launched Globally, Check Specs, Chipset, And Other Features)

As she scrolled down the page, Shivani discovered even more tempting deals, such as one offering eight dozen eggs for just Rs. 99. “I chose to buy four dozen eggs for Rs. 49. When I proceeded to place the order, it took me to a contact information page,” she added.

After filling in her card details, Shivani noticed that the only payment method offered was through credit cards. She proceeded by entering her credit card information, including the expiry date and CVV number, and clicked on the “Proceed to payment” button. Following this, she received a one-time password (OTP) on her registered mobile number, as recounted by her.

However, her optimism quickly faded when she discovered that a significant sum of Rs. 48,199 had been deducted from her account, almost ten times more than the expected amount. “Before I entered the OTP, a total of Rs. 48,199 was debited from my credit card account (and was transferred) to an account named ‘Shine Mobile HU’,” she expressed with regret.

Thankfully, Shivani’s credit card had a limit of Rs. 3.7 lakhs, preventing additional losses had she not received the confirmation call. An inquiry is ongoing, with a case filed under the IT Act. Attempts have been made to freeze the fraudulent earnings of the scammers.