US: Woman orders hot dog, finds bag of cocaine in it; cops arrest restaurant’s cook

by India Today World DeskA restaurant worker in New Mexico was arrested after missing a bag of cocaine that had somehow ended up in a customer’s hot dog, police said on Sunday. Police said the man worked at the Sonic Drive-In restaurant.

Española police said in a statement that the 54-year-old suspect, identified as Jeffrey David Salazar, faces a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.

According to police, an illegal drug was found in a customer’s food at Sonic Drive-In. Police said the substance was inadvertently put into the food as Salazar was preparing the order.

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Based on a “field test”, it was confirmed that the substance found in the food was cocaine, police confirmed.

On Tuesday, a woman called to report that she found a plastic bag while munching on her food at a restaurant, police said in a statement. Police told the media that he insisted that some powdery substance went into his mouth.

According to the arrest warrant, CCTV footage showed Salazar conducting a “hand-to-hand transaction with a female employee”. Salazar then prepares the food for the customer, who searches the area “as if he had lost something.”

The arrest warrant states that Salazar admitted to police that he had bought a packet of cocaine from someone in the restaurant’s parking lot.