Maruti Suzuki Jimny Modified With Aftermarket Exhaust Sounds Peppy: Watch

Not every car can fit everyone like a glove. Likewise, not every car is designed to support endless modifications. However, the new entrant in the Indian automotive sector – the Maruti Suzuki Jimny has the highest order of acceptability in terms of customisation. Is it hard to believe us? Well, here’s a well-organized example that will put your overthinking to rest. We got this example through internet. It belongs to Achintya Mehrotra, who himself runs a tuning shop – AM Racing, well-known among enthusiasts as a supplier of performance upgrades sources from Japan. No doubt about it, he has done some cool modifications to his Jimny.

To begin with, the Jimny in discussion here rolls on a set of Enkei RPT1 alloy wheels. The set of 4 rims of these 16-inch wheels cost around Rs 1.5 lakh. Also, they come shod with Continental Cross Contact AT tyres. Their one tire costs Rs 10,000. Moving on, the suspension of this Jimny has been sourced from Japan based aftermarket suspension manufacturer TANABE. The suspension setup, costing around Rs 1.45 lakh, gives the Jimny a lift of 2 inches.

Despite sitting higher off the ground, the Jimny’s ride control is better with the new suspension. Interestingly, the suspension comes with 14-click adjustability. The owner has also added front and rear lateral rods, front strut brace and steering damper. All these devices help in making the Jimny ride stable. An aftermarket exhaust system has also been added to the car, which reportedly costs Rs 75,000. Visually, the changes are limited to the new body wrap only.

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In all, the owner has spent close to Rs.6 lakh in modifying this Jimny. Although it looks flashy, it’s definitely a more capable set of wheels than the stock iteration. The air filter has also been changed to make breathing easier. However, there is no word yet on the increased output.