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iOS 15 will roll out on September 20, five great features that iPhone users can enjoy

Apple recently announced that iOS 15 for iPhone models will be rolling out starting September 20. Since Apple operates and rolls out updates as per the PT time zone, Indian customers will likely receive the latest updates on Monday night or Tuesday morning. iOS 15 was unveiled at WWDC 2021 earlier this year, and the company has been testing the next-gen OS version with developers for the past three months. A lot is changing with iOS 15, including the inclusion of SharePlay over FaceTime, the ability for Android phone users to join FaceTime calls via a web browser, and more. Readers can check here whether their old iPhone is eligible for the update.

Facetime Calling: Seeing how the pandemic has shifted our work, education and business to the virtual realm, Apple has updated its video calling software to iOS 15. Taking inspiration from Zoom, FaceTime will now present video call participants in grid view. Users will also have the option to create a FaceTime link to share and invite others to the video chat. Anyone who has the link can join these calls through Google Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge browser, even if they don’t have an Apple device. Apple also ensures that calls will be end-to-end encrypted. The Portrait Mode present in the iPhone camera can also be used to blur the background for FaceTime. The sound quality of video calls will also sound more natural with the help of spatial audio.

Notifications: In an attempt to negate the endless notification bar that can overwhelm you at times, iOS15 will come with a new management feature. Users can now choose the Notification Summary function which will allow them to check for unimportant alerts at specific times of the day. Function is guided by on-device machine learning that identifies your phone usage patterns and selects which notifications should fall under the summary and when they should be delivered. Missed calls and messages will not come under the category.

Shareplay: Since the coronavirus lockdown has kept many of us away from friends and family, Apple has introduced SharePlay, a software that allows sharing movies, music and screens with any user whose A user is doing FaceTiming. For example, this would include watching the same movies and TV shows on the Apple TV+ streaming platform.

Apple iMessage: iOS 15 will also come with an upgraded iMessage feature where news articles, pictures, or playlists that have been shared with you by a contact will now be collected in a ‘Shared with you’ folder. This will make things easier to find later, quite relevant at a time when over-communication is becoming a norm.

Apple Maps: Apple iPhone users will now be able to view a wide range of altitude data, road colors and driving directions, 3D landmarks, and an improved Night Mode. Users can also pin nearby public transit stop and station information on their iPhone and Apple Watch devices, and receive automatic updates and notifications when they ride and reach stops. Apple will also add Augmented Reality feature to its Maps. With the help of this feature, anyone can scan nearby buildings with the help of iPhone’s camera.

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