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Why tortured for debt? State Chief Secretary gave strict notice to District Magistrates

The biggest news at this time is that if the Kisan Credit Card, the student credit card issued by the state government, is not given, then action will be taken. Even if public-private banks will not give loans, Mamata Banerjee’s government will take strict action. If the bank does not help the project in the interest of the people, then the government will be defamed. Nabanna has decided that this cannot be allowed to happen.

According to sources, the Chief Secretary has already sent notices to all the District Magistrates in this regard. There are also allegations of torturing customers while taking loans. Students have repeatedly taken student credit cards but many have been returned. This allegation has been raised everywhere from the city to the district. And this complaint has been informed in writing.

Following this widespread complaint, Nabanna took immediate action. Letters have been written to the district magistrates of every district. The letter has been written by Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi. There it has been made clear that the government is the guarantor of this loan. So no one can be returned without Jhan. Student credit cards have been allotted to the students for higher education.

And for the farmers, the state government has brought Kisan Credit Card. The state government had announced that the loan would be available through this card. The Chief Secretary wanted to know why this is happening there. Sources said that the district magistrates have been asked to take more action in this regard.


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