Bulldozer: ‘Bulldozer’ colour, zero-germ gulal in demand this Holi. Allahabad News – Times of India

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Prayagraj : ‘Taking cues from’bulldozer Baba’, now ‘Bulldozer Colors’ has entered the markets for the upcoming festival of Holi,
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) registered a thumping victory in the 2022 UP elections under the leadership of the Chief Minister. Yogi AdityanathThe sales and demand of Bullzodars Colors has seen a 40% growth this year in the Crore Colors paint industry in the state. The chemical colors have been named bulldozer colors which leave their effect for two to three days on Holi.
Stockists and wholesale dealers said the sales and demand for these colors have increased by 40% this year. Moreover, after a hiatus of two years due to the COVID pandemic, safer forms like herbal saffron gulal are also consolidating market share and demand. Mohammad Qadir, the leading wholesaler of Holi colors and pichkaris in eastern UP told TOI that the sale of colors and sprinklers has increased by over 40%. “There has been an unprecedented demand for Zero Germs Gulal and Bulldozer colors in the retail market. Also, saffron color has become a favorite among buyers,” he said.
However, the demand for herbal gulal, an eco-friendly, natural dye, mostly available in yellow, pink, sandalwood and green in jasmine, rose, sandalwood and khus fragrances, has also increased.
Traders at Chowk Bazar claimed, “Ease of pandemic has led to a pick-up in demand for colours, though a fall in production has kept a lid on supply at retail.” Demand for colors from nearby districts like Pratapgarh Kaushambi, Jaunpur, and Bhadohi have jumped to pre-Covid-19 levels, with traders saying that if Holi processions are allowed this year, it will further increase sales. The city of Prayagraj is a major trading center from where Holi colors are supplied throughout eastern Uttar Pradesh. Wholesalers said the business this year may surpass the sales of previous years considering the advance booking volume from retailers. He said that fearing a sharp increase in demand, shops are placing new orders despite having inventory. Nitin, a retailer, said, “Consumer sentiment is very high this festive season and its impact will be visible on sales this Holi. Every shop is placing orders in bulk.” The wholesalers said that they are fulfilling the orders placed at least a month back and not taking new orders. The limited production has led to a jump in the prices of colors this season which has increased by more than 10-15% depending on the brands. “Demand is high this season, but the increase in prices may affect some percentage of sales in rural markets,” said another retailer.