Bhaskar Analysis: As the scope of science increases, its language is also increasing, the words giga and nano will be out.

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  • The scope of science is increasing. Language is also increasing. Giga and Nano words will emerge

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Nowadays every factory looks like a gigafactory. Tesla chief Elon Musk recently inaugurated a fourth plant under the same name in Berlin. Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory has been in the news for the halt in production due to Corona. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the world’s most important chip manufacturers, has started promoting its plant under the name GigaFab.

Nissan has announced the setting up of a Giga factory in Sunderland, north-east of England. Giga means one billion number. The Oxford English Dictionary describes it as the Greek gigas, gigantic or arbitrarily originated. But it is not necessary that the gigafactory should always produce in billions.

Gigabytes memory card cost $20
TSMC can produce up to a million silicon wafers per month to make GigaFab microchips. Hence it can also be called hectokilofactory. (Hekaton and Khilioi are actually Greek words for 100 and 1,000.) In this sense, she may use the word giga for her factory.

Now hard drives are coming in terabytes.

Now hard drives are coming in terabytes.

After nano, the word pico will be used again.
As far as inferiority is concerned. The word nano is used in science to measure it. Nano means one billionth part. Nanotechnology is a major branch of science. If the term nano also becomes common, then the term pico will be used.

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