Yash’s KGF Chapter 1 Vs Chapter 2: A definitive comparison of which part is better and why

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KGF: Chapter 2
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KGF: Chapter 2 was released in theaters on April 14.

Yash’s KGF franchise could prove to be the biggest box office success in India. Chapter 2, which released on April 14, has already broken the record for first day collections of any film in India. The hype surrounding the sequel was huge and with the arrival of well-known Bollywood faces – Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon, the film has more appeal in the North Indian markets. If we look at the opening figures of the box office, then one thing is certain. KGF: Chapter 2 is going to shatter the box office collection of Chapter 1 by a huge margin. But is the new film better than the first part? We decode.

5 Areas Where KGF: Chapter 2 Chapter 1 . is better than

– In storytelling, KGF Sequel is ahead of the first part. We delve deeper into Rocky’s past and there is more of an emotional connect with the brave character in the new film than in KGF: Chapter 1. Of course, since Rocky now has the upper hand, the weight of the narrative shifts in his favor.

— KGF: Chapter 2 clearly takes a huge budget. Thus, the output value has increased in significant proportion. Chapter 2 has better VFX, as Drishti is bigger and bolder. In the wide shots of KGF Mines, the finesse in post-production is really visible.

– The dialogues of Chapter 2 are much better than the first part. The quick-tempered and charming Rocky is nearly silenced in the second half of Part 1 as he begins working in the mines as a slave. In the sequel, the old Rocky comes back with whistle-worthy and heavy dialogues that are allegorical and meaningful.

– Chapter 2 has better action sequences than Chapter 1. The car chase scene and the climax fight between Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) and Rocky are the obvious standouts. The sequel has better overall tonality and execution among other action sequences as well.

Chapter 2 is far better in terms of styling and costume. Yash looks handsome in fitted suit and silk shirt. Srinidhi Shetty’s saree look is also impressive and she pulls it off gracefully. The biggest highlight in terms of style is Adheera, played by Sanjay Dutt. His Viking-inspired look is dangerous and also a breath of fresh air.

5 areas where KGF: Chapter 1 outperformed Chapter 2

– Even though Adheera was heavily publicized as the antagonist, he doesn’t measure up to Rocky. The antagonist’s looks were great and his brutality backstory was spot on, but the character looks weak and disjointed in some parts. In long patches, Adheera also disappears from the film. In fact, the character of Inayat Khalel, an international smuggler living in Dubai, is also caricature and does not have the weight to challenge Rocky. The Garuda of Chapter 1 matched Rocky’s valor and was present throughout.

Chapter 2 doesn’t do justice to the story of Reena (Srinidhi Shetty) and Rocky. Reena is a silent spectator in KGF 2, unlike Chapter 1 where she showed immense potential, spark and likeness.

– The background score in KGF 2 adds to the tension and emotions but for most parts it is too loud and sometimes the emotional scenes don’t hit the right chord.

– Chapter 2 has two songs in the second half. Falak Tu Garaj Tu and Mehbooba seem like a stretch in the story and even break the fast pace of the film. This did not happen in Chapter 1 and the story progressed at a rapid pace.

– Story progression in Chapter 2 is minimal and relies more on action to appeal to the public. In Chapter 1, the Dalit angle, the mother-son bond and the history of the KGF form major parts. In Chapter 2, these themes are missed but the film progresses very little story-wise.