Was the team formed on the trust of veterans who got any kind of responsibility in Kolkata Municipality?

Firhad Hakim has been elected Mayor of Kolkata for the second time on the instructions of Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee. The leader has confidence in his longtime ally. And in the matter of distribution of responsibilities in the form of council of mayors, it is observed that a large proportion of the mayors of the past have returned to their previous responsibilities. He has been entrusted with many important responsibilities. In total, a team of 12 mayoral councils. Firhad Hakim is the captain of the team in the municipality. Let’s take a look at who came first in Atin Ghosh’s words. He is in charge of health and tax assessment. Now let’s turn to the context of other mayoral councils.

Sandipan Saha – Education

Jeevan Saha – Information and Public Relations

Sandeep Ranjan Boxy – Allo

Abhijit Mukherjee – Road

Devvrat Majumdar – Waste Management

Swapan Samaddar – Slum Development

Mithali Banerjee – Social Responsibility and Women’s Safety

Debashish Kumar – Parking and Garden

Vaishwanar Chatterjee – Law and Accommodation

Senior councilor Ram Pyaari Ram, who administered the oath of office to the Mayor along with Tarak CA, has been given the responsibility of a 100-day project. New year is ahead. A new team was formed before him. This year’s parboard is designed to be used by experienced councillors. The goal is only one, to make dear Tilottama all beautiful.