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US-based Doctor Frustrated After Spending Rs 4 Lakh on Wife's Friends Wedding, Post Goes Viral (Photo Credits: iStock)

US-based Doctor Frustrated After Spending Rs 4 Lakh on Wife’s Friends Wedding, Post Goes Viral (Photo Credits: iStock)

Viral Post: US-based man expresses frustration over wife having to pay a whopping Rs 4 lakhs to be her friend’s bridesmaid.

If asking guests to pitch in for the couple’s honeymoon wasn’t enough, a similar situation unfolded on social media when a woman had to shell out a whopping Rs. 4 lakhs to take part in her friend’s wedding. Yes, you read that correctly. A US-based doctor vented his frustration over his wife’s hefty expenses in a post that has now gone viral.

On ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), Sravan Panuganti shared how his wife served as a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding and had to bear the brunt of the costs. He broke down the expenses, citing $2,000 (approximately Rs 1.67 lakh) for the bachelorette party, $1,500 (approximately Rs 1.25 lakh) for the bridal shower, and additional costs for attire, totaling around $5,000 (approximately Rs 4.18 lakh), for his family to attend the wedding.

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“Terrible thing to do to your friends,” exclaimed Panuganti, expressing his frustration at the financial strain placed on attendees. He even joked sarcastically that such expenses should be reserved for one’s worst enemies rather than close friends.

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Soon, the post gained traction, prompting laughter and comments from the public. “That’s a bit much. Would would respectfully decline. F**k that noise,” said one, while another remarked, “She doesn’t need to do any of those things. “No” is a complete sentence. Also, why is a bridal shower and bachelorette so expensive? I’ve been a bridesmaid a bazillion times. Nobody expects you to travel for a shower.”

A third commenter offered a humorous solution, recalling, “I remember my dad suggested people should offer the option in this situation just to give the friend $600 to not be in the wedding.”

Even the original poster joked about being on board with ruining the friendship before the wedding to avoid such expenses. “Part of my grand plan for this to go viral and get uninvited,” he added.

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Since being shared, the post has garnered a staggering 6 million views.