Bengaluru Company Charge Rs 1500 For Hugging Tree

Bengaluru: Spending time in natural environments has been shown to be a powerful solution for the stresses of contemporary living. Studies suggest that immersing oneself in nature can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, boost mood and self-esteem, and improve concentration while aiding in the management of difficult emotions.

Yet, for urban residents, finding the time and suitable locations to reconnect with nature can be difficult. Although parks and gardens provide temporary relief from city life, many long for a deeper connection with nature.

Shinrin Yoku, also known as forest bathing, emerges as a solution. This Japanese practice entails leisurely, mindful walks through wooded areas, where individuals focus on engaging their senses. Advocates argue that it effectively reduces stress and enhances overall well-being.

Forest bathing traditionally involves self-guided experiences, but a recent development in India has stirred controversy. In Bengaluru, a company is offering guided forest bathing experiences for a fee of ₹1,500, sparking outrage among some social media users.

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A screenshot of the company’s pricing has gone viral, drawing widespread criticism for commercializing a practice that many believe should be freely accessible to all.

Sharing on X, user jolad rotti wrote, “Babe, wake up! There’s a new scam in the market.” Predictably, the tweet has gone viral, sparking a debate online.

Further in the comment section, the same user wrote, “You connect with nature by hugging trees and spending time under their shade. All of that is good, but it is happening in a publicly owned space at a hefty ₹1,500 charge.” Another user commented, “The most therapeutic will be going to a park, not littering around, and properly disposing of trash in a trash can.”