UP Vidhan Sabha Elections 2022: For the first time in postal ballot for Kovid-19 patients, 80+ voters. Lucknow News – Times of India

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Lucknow: After recovering from the hospital coronavirus Transition at the age of 97, metropolitan resident Biswamber Lal Verma has lost the ability to walk, but will still be able to vote in UP Election Through postal ballot,
According to the Election Commission of India (ECI), there are a total of 24.42 lakh registered voters above the age of 80 years. Uttar Pradesh, Therefore, for the convenience of such voters in October 2019, the Ministry of Law and Justice brought an amendment in the conduct of election rules and incorporated senior citizen For those above 80 years of age and physically handicapped under absentee voters.
Also, in June 2020, another amendment included Corona positive patients under absentee voters who would not be required to go to the polling stations but would be able to cast their vote secretly to ensure Postal ballot boxes will be made available at their homes.
ECI officials on the condition of anonymity said, “Under the absence category, people above 80 years of age, corona positive patients, physically challenged and essential service providers (like railways, postal services etc.) Can download or get 12D form. A copy of the same from the Booth Level Officer (BLO). After filling it correctly, the 12D form should be submitted to the BLO within five days of the notification of the poll.
Corona positive patients need to attach a medical report stating their COVID status, while physically challenged persons can submit a government-issued disability certificate.
“Once the form is submitted, it will be scrutinized and the list of such voters will be shared with the political parties who can visit the voter’s house on the day of polling. A postal ballot box will be provided along with the ballot paper, in which they can cast their vote in a confidential manner.
Election Commission official said, “Postal ballot exercise for above 80 years and COVID-19 Getting patients for the first time.”