Shraddha Murder: ‘Aaftab Bought Two Hammers, Four Saws,’ Says Store Owner

Meanwhile, Delhi’s Saket court on Tuesday, 22 November, extended Poonawala‘s police custody for four more days.

A day earlier, Delhi Police got the court’s go-ahead for a polygraph test on the accused.

Speaking to The Quint, Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) Director Deepa Verma, said, “We are ready for the polygraph test. Whenever the police brings the accused, it will be conducted.”

The polygraph test, known as the lie detector test, is done using a device which will record physiological phenomena of the accused such as – blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration – while the subject answers questions from an operator. The data collected from the test is then used to determine the subject is telling the truth.

The Delhi Police will be resorting to the time-taking narco-analysis method since key evidence such as the missing murder weapon, the deceased’s remains, bloodstained clothes, and Shraddha’s phone, are yet to be found.