Rajesh Khanna’s Last Birthday When He Was Alive in Pictures: “It was very emotionally spent with Akshay Kumar, Twinkle, Rinke and Dimple,” explains his close friend – EXCLUSIVE! – times of India

Rajesh Khanna (who died on July 18, 2012) lived a king-sized life, says his close friend Bhupesh Rasin Those who miss him very much today. Rasin is very emotional stating etimes“Today is Kakaji(Rajesh Khanna was fondly called) Birthday. I miss those lunches and dinners, I miss the long drives we took. Most of all, I miss the chatting session with him, he used to open his heart and share almost everything with me.” Rajesh Khanna would have been 79 years old, he would be alive today.

Rasin especially remembers Rajesh Khanna’s last birthday- December 29, 2011, when he was alive. “By that time, Rajesh Khanna came to know that he was suffering from cancer. We all- Dimple, Akshay, flicker, Rinki and I- decided to spend some time in Goa.”

Here are some pictures from Rajesh Khanna’s 2011 birthday in Goa:

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Rasin says that Rajesh Khanna was very calm in Goa. “He probably knew it was his last birthday he’d see. But he told me, ‘It was so much fun, especially with the fact that Twinkle was also around me’. It was Twinkle’s birthday too.”

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After 29 December Rajesh Khanna and Rasin left for Delhi; Rasin had some work in the capital.

“Memories of his last birthday keep popping up in my mind. Trust me, today has been a very difficult day for me. Kakaji and I were not just friends but brothers,” Rasin indicated.