Rajasthan to launch coding classes in schools from next session | Jaipur News – Times of India

JAIPUR: Students of senior secondary classes (11-12) in government schools will study the basics of coding, programming and artificial intelligence (AI) from the next session.
The state education department is among the first few in the country to have completed the School Curriculum Framework (SCF) as mandated under the New Education Policy (NEP). The department has identified 25 areas of importance as part of the curriculum, making 50 hours of teachers’ training compulsory every year.
“The new curriculum has laid great emphasis on developing the scientific temperament of students in schools. The syllabus will have modules on coding and programming along with sessions on AI to produce world-class tech grads from our schools,” said Kamlendra Singh Ranawat, spokesperson of Rajasthan State Council of Educational Research & Training (RSCERT), Udaipur.
The previous SCF came up almost two decades have become redundant when it comes to subjects like environment, health, and technology. The evolving issues like climate change, the rapid pace of urbanization, and disrupting harmony between humans and the animal-plant kingdom will be part of the syllabus. “The revised curriculum has given impetus to issues which were remotely touched in the previous SCF. The whole idea is creating mass awareness on the subject in order to prepare the present generation to take on the challenges which will impact the world for the coming next centuries,” said Ranawat.
The concepts of health will move from treatment to prevention of diseases in the textbooks. Students will be taught the preventive ways to minimise the impact of diseases which are impacting the human resource of the country.
The most important aspect of the curriculum is to focus on integrating education and technology to make education more scientific and easier to comprehend. “The curriculum is focussed on effective teaching by integrating technology with pedagogy, identifying and properly utilizing various ICT tools to be used in teaching learning and assessment,” said Priyanka Jodhawat, director of RSCERT. The training of teachers in technology and academics to become a regular feature of the academic calendar enabling the teachers to provide updated learning experiences to students.
By September, the RSCERT will submit the report to the state government which will begin the work of drafting the syllabus.