Rajasthan: Ashoka Pillar of new Parliament building is built in Jaipur, 150 pieces ready in five months, it took two months to add

The national emblem Ashoka Pillar, which was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the roof of the new Parliament House on Tuesday morning, has been made in Jaipur. It took five months to build it and two months to put it on the roof of the new Parliament building. Behind its construction is the hard work of Laxman Vyas of Jaipur, his son Gautam Vyas and a strong team of artisans.

Ashoka Pillar has been manufactured in Laxman Vyas’s factory in Bindayka Industrial Area, Jaipur. Talking to Amar Ujala, Laxman Vyas told that the work of the new Parliament building was given to the Tata company. It was the intention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the entire work of the national emblem Ashoka Pillar should be done under Make in India. After this, the executives of the Tata group started looking for someone who could make it in India. His search ended after coming to me in Jaipur.

Laxman Vyas had earlier also built elephants located at Maharana Pratap, Delhi Airport. After seeing his work, the Tata group gave him the responsibility of making it. Vyas told that it took five months to build this Ashoka pillar. During this he and his son Gautam and his team worked hard. He told that these Ashoka pillars have been made from copper. It can never rust. Ashoka Pillar of 9 thousand 620 kg has been made in 150 pieces. Its length is 6.5 meters. The weight of the steel supporting structure around it is close to 6500 kg.

Laxman Vyas told that it took two months to put the Ashoka Pillar on the roof of the Parliament House. Many people also got ill while working on the terrace in Delhi’s 50 degree temperature. It was in my mind that working for the country, so it had to be completed as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

Laxman Vyas told that my family is dedicated to this work. Son Gautam is studying in Murti art only. We are proud that this work of ours will be remembered for centuries. Here, Jaipur MP Ram Charan Bohra also praised Laxman Vyas and his son. In a conversation with Amar Ujala, he said, it is a matter of pride for the whole of Rajasthan including Jaipur. He said, Prime Minister Modi has congratulated the Vyas family. As long as the country’s largest panchayat remains, this Ashoka Pillar will continue to leave its mark in the whole world by becoming the crown. We have given the country its heritage. On the controversy over the Ashoka Pillar, the MP said that on this proud moment, we should not praise the controversy.