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Prayagraj witnesses highest single-day vaccination in Uttar Pradesh | Allahabad News – Times of India

PRAYAGRAJ: The Sangam city In a special immunization drive, Sangam city on Friday set a record for the highest number of vaccinations in a single day by giving 91,822 jabs to recipients of all age groups. The campaign was conducted at 343 sites on Friday and Sangam city recorded the highest turnout of recipients across the state. Sangam city was followed by Lucknow (86,135), Sitapur (80,042) and Aligarh (77,085) in terms of vaccines delivered to recipients on Saturday.
Out of 91,822 jobs, 80,144 recipients of all age groups were given the first dose, while 11,678 recipients were given the second dose. With this, a total of 23,34,242 beneficiaries of all age groups were given job in Sangam city including 18,57,410 of first dose and 4,76,832 of second dose. The department has claimed that so far more than 50 percent of the target recipients have been given jabs in the district, as it has set a target of giving jabs to 46.10 lakh recipients in the district. Prayagraj District.
District Immunization Officer and Additional Chief Medical Officer (ACMO) Dr. Tirath Lal told TOI that the department aims to involve maximum number of recipients in the one-day mega-campaign and was successful in its endeavor. He further said that all the health workers have been congratulated for their hard work and tireless spirit which has helped the department achieve the target. The department had set a target of 1.24 lakh jobs on Friday on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s 71st birthday. Narendra Modi.
However, health officials said they would intensify the vaccination exercise at both rural and urban sites to cover maximum target recipients. The officials are also making efforts to cover the recipients living in remote rural areas and teams of ASHA and ANM have been deputed to take them to the nearest vaccination sites for vaccination.
A senior health official said that the pace of vaccination is accelerating with each passing month and the department will set a new record again in September. The figures also show that over 3.03 lakh, 3.42 lakh and 5.18 lakh people were given jobs in the months of June, July and August respectively.


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