Party President Vs Minister in Punjab Congress: Sukhpal Khaira came in support of Sidhu, called Minister Rana Gurjit – ‘broker’ of politics

Chandigarh11 hours ago

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In Punjab Congress, Sukhpal Khaira has also jumped in the controversy between Navjot Sidhu and Minister Rana Gurjit. Khaira praised Sidhu and said that Rana is corrupt and tainted, who is acting like a pimp in politics. Khaira even called the minister Rana a tout of the BJP.

In fact, in the Punjab Government, Technical Education Minister Rana Gurjit had attacked the state head Navjot Sidhu. Rana even described Sidhu as a mercenary leader. He said that Sidhu has come to Congress only to become CM. Whether he will remain in Congress till the elections or not, it is also not sure.

Khaira's statement in favor of Sidhu

Khaira’s statement in favor of Sidhu

This tussle started when Sidhu made gesture attacks on the minister in Sultanpur Lodhi. There the minister came after patting Sidhu on the back of Rana’s opponent Congress MLA Navtej Cheema. Rana is staking claim to contest from Sultanpur Lodhi.

Sidhu had supported MLA Cheema, the minister's opponent in Sultanpur Lodhi, in this manner.

Sidhu had supported MLA Cheema, the minister’s opponent in Sultanpur Lodhi, in this manner.

I am a born Congressman, did not change parties like Sidhu

Minister Rana Gurjit said that Sidhu should talk about a true Congressman with his tongue. Sidhu came to the party only to become the CM, whereas he is in Congress since birth. I have not changed parties like Sidhu. It is unfortunate that only one political opportunist is accusing those who have spent their whole life in the service of the party.

Sidhu is jealous of CM Channi, Sidhu splits the party

Minister Rana Gurjit said that Navjot Sidhu is feeling jealous and insecure with the growing popularity of Punjab CM Charanjit Channi. For this reason, he is questioning the government led by CM Channi. Rana also accused Sidhu of weakening the party. The minister said that as the party chief, the responsibility of Sidhu is to keep everyone united. Sidhu did nothing of the sort. Instead, Sidhu tried his best to create a divide in the campaign, manifesto and screening committee formed by the Congress high command.

There was an attempt to stop Rana from becoming a minister.

The Sidhu camp had tried to stop Rana Gurjit from becoming a minister. A letter was also written by the MLAs and senior leaders of Doaba in view of the threat of increasing the dominance of Rana. With which Sidhu also came to Chandigarh and gave it to the Congress Observers and Incharge, but he did not work. Despite great opposition, Rana became a minister.

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