Nikon to stop making DSLR cameras, focus on mirrorless cameras: Report

One of the biggest camera brands in the market, Nikon is all set to leave the digital single reflex camera or DSLR camera market. The company is keen to focus its attention on the mirrorless camera segment, which could be the future of the imaging industry.

With the advent and development of smartphone cameras, the shift from Nikon comes amid the challenge faced by traditional camera makers. Still, Nikon’s exit from the DSLR market will be a major blow to consumers, especially those who have relied on the brand for their products for years.

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The report doesn’t tell us an exact timeline for when Nikon will stop making its own DSLR cameras, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the next series of products is part of the mirrorless lineup.

Mirrorless cameras are seen as the best way to compete with the compact cameras that reside on smartphones. The Japanese brand is also expected to increase the share of digital cameras in its portfolio, which Sony and Canon have also adopted over the years.

Nikon believes that competing with smartphone cameras will not be viable for its DSLR business, so turning to the mirrorless segment gives them an opportunity, even if it faces competition from Sony and Canon in the respective segments. are facing

In fact, Sony estimates that smartphone cameras will outperform DSLR cameras by 2024. The Japanese brand claims that your phone’s cameras will continue to improve, thanks to a combination of sensors, larger apertures and more importantly the use of computational photography, while DSLR cameras stagnant due to limited innovation.

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Phones like the Vivo X80 Pro and even the Pixel 6 Pro are testament to the diverse nature of the field of photography right now. And with additions like periscope lenses and micro-sensors, things are about to get exciting in the years to come.

And given these trends, Nikon is probably planning for the future and isn’t ready to lose its place in the market. So, in a way, it’s good to see Nikon being proactive and forward-looking rather than staying in its comfort zone.

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