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The baker added blue spirulina powder to the bread. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The baker added blue spirulina powder to the bread. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The video showed the baker’s unconventional approach to baking a single-serve bread.

The internet is fascinated with food videos. Among a slew of content online, bread-making videos have captured the most attention of audiences across numerous social media platforms. While most videos have different cooking methods, some elements stand out for their unique approach. Recently, a new tempting video made rounds on the Internet. It showcases a baker baking blue-colored focaccia, delighting bread lovers.

The viral video showed the baker’s unconventional approach to baking single-serve bread. What added to the captivating video was the bright blue colour of the dough she prepared for baking the intriguing focaccia bread. In the reel shared by an Instagram user, viewers can see her dimple the dough with her bare hands. Further, she goes on to top the bread with vine-ripe tomatoes, green olives, and sliced garlic. In an interesting secret, she also mentioned using blue spirulina powder to add a captivating color to the bread. However, she asserted that the step can be skipped, as per the choice.

The video was attached to a caption in which the user highlighted, “My most popular No-knead Focaccia recipe in a single-serving mini size with just 1-cup of flour! It is so easy to prepare, anyone can make this effortlessly! Everyone at home gets to put their own favourite toppings and no sharing is allowed!”

The unique texture of the bread seemingly piqued the interest of the users who initially believed that it was not bread dough. A user said, “Not me thinking it’s slime and the tomatoes are made of clay.” On the other hand, another questioned, “So let me get this straight. On Instagram, the slime and wax look like food, but the food looks like slime?” A user, seemingly gave a thumbs up to the idea, as he mentioned, “This looks like a dream.”

However, a section of people was not convinced by the baker’s creativity to bake blue-coloured focaccia as one of them quickly remarked, “That looks absolutely disgusting.” “That does not look appetizing to me,” wrote another.