Rabbi Pinto Strengthening Jewish Communities: “Only Torah”

Against the background of rising anti-Semitism in the world, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto is currently visiting his institutions around the world to strengthen the members of his community. Rabbi Pinto is the head of Shuva Israel institutions and study centers, which number about a hundred branches in dozens of countries.

Last Shabbat he was in Miami, and gave a Torah lesson on Saturday night that was broadcast live to many locations. “We are living in chaotic times. People don’t know what to do. But it is evident that the Moshiach is coming,” he said, adding, “There is only one way, to hold fast to the Torah and its commandments. To enter under the umbrella of the Holy One, blessed be He.”

Rabbi Pinto then said: “Everyone should fight not to get out of the Jewish bubble, because God forbid they might miss the train and the last station.” He explained, “This doesn’t mean that a person shouldn’t protect himself. Of course he should. But one shouldn’t look for the solution outside. He should look inside Judaism, inside Jewish traditions.”

Besides Rabbi Pinto, his son who was appointed his successor, Rabbi Yoel Moshe Pinto, is currently spearheading a campaign to strengthen Shuva Israel communities in Israel.

This week alone he will give Torah talks in; Ganei Tikva, Tel Aviv, Sdei Uziah, Ashkelon, Tel Mond, Nes Ziona, Or Yehuda, Ashdod and Jerusalem.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel