Munawar Faruqui Second Wedding: Who Was His First Wife? Here’s All We Know – News18

Munawar and Jasmine have a son named Mikael.

Munawar and Jasmine have a son named Mikael.

Munawar Faruqui got married to Jasmine in 2017 and they got a divorce in 2022.

Munawar Faruqui left his fans in shock after a report claimed that the Bigg Boss 17 winner has tied the knot for a second time in a secret ceremony. Reports claim that Munawar has tied the knot to Mehzabeen Coatwala, a makeup artist. Munawar’s personal life has always been in the headlines and now the news of the alleged second marriage has brought up the question: who was Munawar’s first wife?

Munawar Faruqui used to be married to a woman named Jasmine, with whom he shares a son, Mikael. Jasmine and Munawar got married in 2017 and got a divorce in 2022, as per reports. Munawar’s personal life garnered interest when he opened up about Jasmine and his son Lock Upp season 1.

During an interview in 2022, Munawar revealed that he was not in contact with Jasmine. He said, “No, I am not in touch with my ex-wife. We speak only about my son’s expenses.” During his stint on Bigg Boss 17, Munawar surprised his fans when he spoke about Jasmine. He said, “My ex-wife is married now, and I have custody of my son.”

After his divorce, Munawar started dating Nazila Sitaishi. They made their relationship official in 2022. However, during Bigg Boss 17, Ayesha Khan entered the show and accused Munawar of “two-timing” with Nazila and her. Nazila then accused Munawar of cheating and said that he was involved with multiple women.

Now, the latest reports claim that Munawar got married in a secret ceremony recently. Times Now quoted a source as saying, “Yes, Munawar is now married. Usne shaadi kar li hai. Woh yeh sab under wraps rakhna chahta hai tabhi koi khass pictures bhi nahi milega apko. (He got married. He wants to keep it under wraps; hence, you would not find any pictures of the two).” The source added, “Only the couple’s near and dear ones were present for the ceremony. It was an extremely close-knit function.”

Additionally, a photo is circulating online claiming that it was taken at Munawar’s wedding. The photo did not feature Munawar. Instead, it featured the announcement of a certain ‘M’.

While the report suggested the wedding took place 10 to 12 days ago, the leaked photo claims the ceremony took place on Sunday, May 26. News18 Showsha couldn’t verify the claims at the time of reporting. Meanwhile, there is also speculation that Munawar’s close friend, Hina Khan might have attended the ceremony. The rumour is based on a selfie she recently shared with the background song ‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai.’

Munawar Faruqui has yet to confirm or deny these claims.