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Donnie Darko was directed by Richard Kelly.

Donnie Darko was directed by Richard Kelly.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Holmes Osborne played key roles in Donnie Darko.

We often hear from people when they talk about the fact that these days, films don’t have much of a story. They don’t find a film with a good story plot to watch and believe that the films with good stories came in the nineties. Those films are evergreen even today also. Here, we will talk about such a film.

The name of this film is Donnie Darko, which was released in 2001. The film was directed by Richard Kelly and produced by nine producers. Jake Gyllenhaal and Holmes Osborne played key roles in the film, which was presented by Pandora Movie Studio. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Daveigh Chase, Mary McDonnell and James Duval are also in prominent roles.

This film is a work of science fiction. There is a lot of excitement and tension in the film. It is well-written and well-crafted, and it manages to create suspense. Above all, one needs to think deeply to understand the concept. Thus, it is best to view this film all at once.

According to IMDb, this film has received a rating of 8. It has a total runtime of 1 hour 53 minutes in Hollywood and an A rating. The children aren’t allowed to watch this film, hence, it must be watched by those over 18 years old.

The plot of the story follows a character named Donnie. A troubled teenager narrowly escapes from a road accident. From then on, he begins having visions of a man in a large rabbit suit. The man is given a warning that the world is ending, given a time frame, and forced to carry out unimaginable acts by the rabbit.

The time travel element is also mixed into this story. That’s why the thrill of seeing what’s next. After watching the whole film, the twists in the story make you think about it again and again.

Donnie Darko was made with a budget of Rs 37 crore and collected Rs 62 crore at the box office, as per reports. The film is available to watch on the Amazon Prime Video OTT platform.