Marvel Unlimited Explained: Get Ready to Pay for Comic Book Subscriptions With the New Marvel App

Marvel has tweaked its all-you-can-read comics subscription service with a new logo, an updated mobile app, a more user-friendly design, better search, and more. Miracle recently relaunched its subscription service and announced new additions to the service including a new line of comics that have been specially designed vertically to fit the smartphone form factor. Let’s take a look at what Marvel’s all-you-can-read comics subscription service has to offer and what’s new for Marvel fans.

First of all, Marvel Unlimited There are currently over 29,000 comics and it costs $9.99 (approximately Rs 740) per month to $99 (approximately Rs 7,300) per year. The new Infinity Comics line, which is designed to fit the vertical smartphone form factor, features scrolling panels that fill the full width of the phone or tablet screen. Marvel will launch 27 comics, which were made available on relaunch day, with plans to launch more than 100 comics by the end of the year. These comics will be exclusive to Marvel Unlimited subscribers, but will be completely in-universe. Infinity Comics includes some of the big names like X-Men Unlimited, Giant-Size Little Marvels, New Captain America, Black Widow, Amazing Fantasy, Deadpool, Shang-Chi and Venom/Carnage Comics. Marvel plans to release new issues on a weekly basis.

For now, Infinity Comics are only available on the Marvel Unlimited apps iOS And Android, and the company plans to add a web reader for customers in the future as well.

In addition to Infinity Comics, the Marvel Unlimited app comes with a Netflix-like UI with large tiles for major titles, along with a scrolling carousel of recommended content, story, characters, creators, and more. There are also reading guides for newcomers to comics or to follow up on a crossover event that Marvel fans may have missed.

Marvel also has a Marvel Insider loyalty program with new Marvel Unlimited subscriptions. Here, members can earn points for starting (and finishing) comics. With the new app, Marvel Unlimited customers will be able to download an unlimited number of comics locally instead of the previous limit of just 12 issues. Another feature is the ability to follow specific comics, creators, or characters.

However, there’s a big caveat that Marvel Unlimited operates on a three-month delay from when comics are first published in print and digital to when they’re available to subscribers in the app.

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