Martin Scorsese, Ranveer Singh Reaction To Restoring Classic Malayalam Movie Kummatti

The classic Malayalam film, Kummatti is being restored by noted Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese. The news was made official by the filmmaker himself on Monday, July 11, via social media. The film, originally directed by Aravindan Govindan, was presented at The Film Foundation Restoration Screening Room. This good news has made Malayalam movie buffs completely happy and proud. While making the announcement, Scorsese hailed G Aravindan as a pure magician who made the classic film of the late ’70s.

The filmmaker further revealed how the film is enthralling with an engaging storyline and stunning visuals that are sure to grab the attention of the audience even today.

Martin Scorsese continued, “Govindan’s Kummatti is an adaptation of a folk tale from central Kerala in which there is a partly mythical and partly real magician named Kummatti. A lovely and engaging story and a surprisingly surprising film, Kummatti is a must watch, especially since it has been largely unavailable outside. India So far. Also, be sure to check out the special features with Govindan’s son, Ramu and Film Heritage Foundation founder Shivendra Singh Dungarpur. ,

The filmmaker further revealed how he came up with the names of reputed organizations participating in the film’s restoration plan. Project funding is provided by Materials World foundation.

Scorsese concluded, “Kummatti was restored by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project, the Film Heritage Foundation, and the Cineteca di Bologna at the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory, in collaboration with General Pictures and the family of Aravindan Govindan. The Material World Foundation Funding provided by.

As soon as the announcement surfaced online, it created massive buzz online. A fan reacted to the news and said, “Thank you Marty for preserving our films. I’ve always been a big fan of your work on behalf of India.” Another called it a proud moment, meanwhile, another sent tremendous love to the filmmaker from Kerala. In addition to this, Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh also reacted to the news by leaving a red heart emoticon in the comment section of the post.

The film was released in 1979 and tells the story of a magician who comes to Malabar, India. The film stars Ambalappuzha Ravunni, Ashok Unnikrishnan, Kottara Gopalakrishnan Nair and Kuttidathi Vilasini in important roles.

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