Kaushambi: The opposition stopped the saffron juggernaut in Kaushambi, sweep all the seats. Allahabad News – Times of India

Prayagraj: Despite a record victory in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, the saffron juggernaut to return to power has come to a complete standstill. Kaushambi It consists of three assembly constituencies. Not only did Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya get a crushing defeat Sirathu assembly seat, BJP Account could not be opened in Kaushambi district also.
Kaushambi parliamentary seat includes Sirathu, Manjhanpur and Chail assembly constituencies in Kaushambi district. Kunda and Babaganj Assembly Constituency of Pratapgarh District.
Contrary to its performance in Kaushambi, the BJP has won four of the five assembly seats falling under the Allahabad and Phulpur parliamentary seats.
Under the Allahabad parliamentary seat, the BJP and its alliance partners won the Koraon, Bara, Allahabad South and Karchana assembly seats and Meja lost.
Similarly, BJP won Allahabad North, Allahabad West, Phulpur and Phaphamau seats and lost Soraon under Phulpur parliamentary seat.
The defeat in Kaushambi, however, left an egg on the face of the BJP leadership as the party lost all five seats falling under the parliamentary seat. The result is shocking as the BJP won the Kaushambi parliamentary seat in both 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha. Election
In the 2017 elections, the BJP had won Manjhanpur, Sirathu and Chail seats, while Kunda and Babaganj were won by independent candidates.
In the recent elections, the Samajwadi Party (SP) and its alliance partners won Chail, Sirathu and Manjhanpur seats in Kaushambi district, while the Jansatta Dal Loktantrik (JDL) won both Babaganj and Kunda assembly seats.
BJP recorded its worst performance in Kunda where its candidate Sindhuja Mishra got only 8.38% votes. BJP candidate Keshav Prasad got only 18.22 percent votes in Babaganj.
In Sirathu, Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya lost to Apna Dal (K) candidate Pallavi Patel by 7,337 votes. While Maurya got 98,941 votes, Patel got 1,06,278 votes.
In Manjhanpur, SP candidate Inderjit Saroj got 1,21,506 votes and defeated Lal Bahadur of BJP by 23,878 votes. In Chail, SP candidate Pooja Pal got 88,810 votes and defeated BJP-Apna Dal (S) alliance candidate Nagendra Pratap Singh Patel by 13,201 votes.
The BJP candidate stood third in both Kunda and Babaganj seats.
In Kunda assembly seat, Jansatta Dal’s democratic head Raja Bhaiya got 99,612 votes and defeated Gulshan Yadav of SP by over 30,000 votes, while BJP’s Sindhuja Mishra got only 16,455 votes.
Jansatta Dal’s democratic candidate Vinod Kumar won the Babaganj assembly seat by 67,282 votes. He defeated SP candidate Girish Chandra by over 15,000 votes while BJP’s Keshav Prasad got only 30,391 votes.