Jabra: Jabra announces Panacast 20 cameras with AI-based features in India – Times of India

Jabra has announced its premium video conferencing device pancast 20 camera in india Video conferencing is designed to facilitate modern hybrid work environments and portable design.
The PanaCast 20 is a plug and play device and can be used with any monitor using the builtin clip. The camera uses an advanced processor, powerful onboard AI and features a 13MP sensor that claims to deliver detailed and fast 4K UltraHD output.
AI-powered onboard intelligent zoom Automatically follows user movement and adjusts frames in realtime to ensure that the user is always in the center of the frame during an ongoing video call.
Using Intelligent Lighting Optimization, Jabra analyzes the environment and automatically adjusts the image to enhance video quality, including in situations where lighting is poor.
PanaCast 20 also has features picture in picture mode Which combines two realtime video streams into one. It displays the second stream in a unified window with the main image. This mode works with any UC platform.
The PanaCast 20 also has an integrated privacy cover that can be placed over the camera lens, giving the user complete control of when they want to watch – or not.
As mentioned, the Jabra Panacast 20 works with all major UC platform variants and users of the personal camera will be able to pair the device with other Jabra audio solutions such as the Jabra Evolve 2 75 headphones and Speak 750.
Main Features and Specifications:
AI-powered 4K UltraHD video quality
AI = Powered Intelligent Zoom puts you on center stage
intelligent lighting optimization
picture-in-picture mode
Powerful onboard AI processor improves data security
Integrated Privacy Cover guarantees privacy when you need it
Built to work flexible. Clip to any monitor. comes with protective case
plug and play.
PanaCast 20 now $299 . available for purchase in