India at Tokyo Olympics July 27 Day 4 Live Updates: Manu Bhaker, Saurabh Chaudhary top qualifying stage 1

India at Tokyo Olympics July 27 Day 4 Live Updates
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India at Tokyo Olympics July 27 Day 4 Live Updates


ShootingSaurabh Chaudhary and Manu Bhaker have qualified for the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Qualification Stage 2. Watch the live action from Step 2 going on below.

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06:39 am: It is definitely heading for a photo finish as both Manu and Saurabh have few but crucial shots to find the fourth spot.

06:37 am: Saurabh is going strong with five 10s out of a possible 6 and 9 in series 2. Manu has scored two 10’s in his three rounds of Series 2. They climb to the 5th position.

06:35 am: The India pair are currently struggling at the bottom, with Bhaker shooting for 92 in Series 1 with two 8’s and Saurabh with 96. Series 2 needs better performance from both

06:26 am: In the half stage of Series 1 – both having shot five each – Manu and Saurabh are currently in seventh place as they struggle to hit 10. Both have shot 2-10 and 39 seconds.

06:25 am: Both Saurabh and Manu have fired their first round in Series 1, with Saurabh scoring 10 and then 9.

06:16 am: (hockey) While the excitement surrounding the shooting event remains high, keep in mind that India’s men’s hockey team will take on Spain in their third Pool A match. 6:30 am.

06:14 am: The shooters have taken their places for the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Qualification Stage 2.

06:09 am: After a 10-minute break in between, the eight pairs shot two series of 10-shots by each member of the team. 20 shots (40 shots in total) are to be fired by each in 20 minutes, independent of their partner.

The top four teams go on to two medal rounds. There is a bronze medal match between the last two teams, followed by a gold medal match between the top two teams.

06:08 am: Stay tuned! Stage 2 of the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team event is set to begin at 6:15 am as we share the rules for qualifying in the final.

06:05 am: The other Indian pair of Yashaswini Deswal and Abhishek Verma could not make it to the second leg as they finished 17th with a total of 574.

05:59 AM: Saurabh-Manu tops 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Qualification Stage 1! The pair combine to score a total of 582 out of a possible 600 and are ready for Phase 2.

05:58 am: Saurabh ends his Series 3 on 98; His overall score is 296 out of a possible 300. Bhaker has one shot left and can hit a maximum of 286.

05:57 am: The Russian pair ended their series on 581 behind Manu and Saurabh.

05:54 am: Meanwhile Yashaswini-Abhishek climbed to 16th position with both of them in their Series 3; Remember that only the top eight make it to Stage 2 of the Qualification Round.

05:52 am: Manu didn’t have the best of Series 2 as he scored 94 runs out of a possible 100. India still occupies the top spot on the podium.

05:49 am: Awesome! Saurabh completes Series 2 with a full 100 halls! He has already started his last series with 10.

05:47 am: Bhaker finished his Series 1 with a strong run of 97 (7 10 and 39 seconds). Saurabh and his are still in the top spot, while Saurabh has worked only 10s in series 2.

05:45 am: Meanwhile in the other Indian pair – Yashaswini Deswal and Abhishek Verma – in series 1 are ranked 19th with both shooting 95 and 92.

05:42 am: Indian pair tops! Saurabh is working in his series 2 now only in his 10s; So far 11 out of a possible 13 10.

05:40 am: Saurabh ends Series 1 with 98 points! (Two 9’s and maximum eight 10’s!) This is indeed an incentive for the Indian fans but it is still early days.

05:39 am: Manu Bhaker is indeed in some form today as he has fired all his four shots so far, with the two smallest circles found to produce four 10s. Saurabh, after a couple of 9s, is hitting 10s as well. The pair has quickly moved up to second place.

05:35 am: Bhaker has made a great start in Series 1 with two 10’s from his opening shot, while Saurabh has already taken five shots with three 10’s and two 9’s.

05:33 am: To quickly update you on mixed team rules it is played in two stages in qualifying, followed by a team versus team final for medals.

In Phase 1, each team member shoots three series of 10-shots. 30 shots (60 shots in total) are to be fired by each member of the team independently of their partner in 30 minutes. The scores of each team member will be added together and the team results will be ranked. The top eight teams are advancing. Points are not carried forward to the second half and all teams start from zero.

05:18 am: Welcome to the live blog on Day 4 of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. All Indian hopes are pinned on the country’s two pistol shooting sensations Saurabh Chaudhary and Manu Bhaker as partners in the mixed team event on Tuesday morning. The duo began their quest for the 10m air pistol mixed event qualification stage 1 at 5.30 am.

In addition other shooters – both pistol and rifle – will also count for the medal; Take a look at those names in the full schedule for Day 4:

Earlier on the third day, veteran paddler A Sharath Kamal turned back the clock to make it to the next round and fencer CA Bhavani Devi showed some spark in her debut, but India’s Olympic campaign on the third day of competitions in archery, shooting, boxing I was full of disappointments. , and tennis. The women’s hockey team had a better fight, but poor execution proved its undoing, leading to a 0–2 loss to Germany. The medal hope now rests on the young shooters in the mixed events, who begin proceedings for India in Tokyo on Tuesday. Then the focus will be on hockey where the men’s team will take on Spain in their third Pool A game after which Achanta Sharath Kamal is set to make it to Round 4 of men’s singles at the Olympics.


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