Goa: As cases ease, hotels reopen, occupancy to pick up in August Goa News – Times of India

Panaji: Though Goa’s COVID-19 positivity rate has dipped below five per cent, the state’s hospitality industry is yet to respite. occupancy in some hotel Those that have reopened so far – after the government allowed entry to fully vaccinated business travelers without a Covid-negative report – only ranged between seven and 12 per cent.
Goa’s Travel and Tourism Association (TTAG) said occupancy would increase only after the government clarified that tourists are welcome in the sunny state. “We will not see a steady flow of tourists unless a positive message is sent. We can see some footfall in August Since there are some public holidays, but there will not be huge crowds,” said TTAG president Nilesh Shah.
He said the industry is expecting all passengers to be allowed entry on the basis of their vaccination certificates and suggested that those who have not been vaccinated should be allowed to travel with a COVID-negative report or get tested on arrival. be asked for.
In the last tourist season, Goa witnessed a steady influx of domestic travelers from October onwards and a rapid growth in December-January. The numbers began to drop in March when a second wave of the pandemic began to spread across the country.
Shah said that while more starred hotels will start functioning by mid-August, smaller hotels will not operate until there is a clear indication of a return to normalcy.
“Even when the season picked up in November-December last year, not all hotels were operational. Only around 1,400 had resumed business,” he said.
Small hotels grew during the decade as the influx of charter tourists increased. With the brakes on international tourist arrivals, these hotels have no takers.
The industry expects the Indian government to allow international tourists probably by September-October.


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