Important news: Know which factors promote migraine; What are its symptoms and how to avoid it


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  • Know what factors trigger migraine; What are its symptoms and ways to avoid it

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Due to the hectic life, many people get to see migraine. Migraine is a type of unbearable headache, which usually occurs in one half of the head, but sometimes there is pain in the whole side of the head as well. Migraine is different from normal headache, but it is often overlooked as a common headache. According to experts, it is difficult to know the exact cause of migraine, but poor diet and messy lifestyle are largely responsible for it.

Most migraines are triggered by stress, lack of sleep, overwork, drinking less water and not eating food on time. In many people, the cause of migraine is also genetic. Migraines can occur at any age. It has many stages, if not paid attention, it can remain for life time.

According to the report of Healthline, let us know the triggers of migraine, its symptoms, different stages and ways to avoid it.

Headache is a very common disease, we all complain of headache at some point of time. In such a situation, how to recognize whether it is a normal headache or a migraine. Migraine can be diagnosed by recognizing one or more of these symptoms.

The severity of migraine is seen in four stages. The headache in a migraine lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. If not treated at the right time, the pain of migraine can be painful for several days.

Some changes in lifestyle and diet provide great relief in migraine. The risk of getting migraine can be reduced to some extent by certain measures. However, in case of pain, take medicines only after consulting a doctor.

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