How Much Is Too Much? A Look At Alcohol’s Side Effects – News18

Drinking alcohol in an empty stomach is even more dangerous.

Drinking alcohol in an empty stomach is even more dangerous.

The liver loses its ability to recover itself on its own after years of alcohol consumption.

Consumption of too much alcohol has various side effects that can lead to health issues. Many people think that it is good to consume alcohol everyday, but the idea is wrong. Alcohol causes liver problems. Years of drinking may lead to fatty liver. People suffering from the disease often tend to leave drinking; they start drinking again after they recover. This habit often affects the liver more. After a long time of alcohol consumption, the liver loses its ability to recover itself on its own. According to a report, alcohol-related liver problems are more common among young adults. Around 4 percent of the total deaths around the globe are due to liver-related issues. Consuming too much alcohol for a longer time may also cause kidney failure. Let’s take a look at how much alcohol is too much.

Drinking more than 30 ml of alcohol per day increases the risk of liver damage. Consuming more than 80 ml of alcohol per day may lead to liver failure. Excessive drinking damages the lining of the intestine, causing serious health issues.

According to experts, women are more vulnerable to alcohol-related diseases than men. Women easily develop liver failure due to consumption of alcohol and the numbers are significantly more than men. As per reports, when a person consumes alcohol, the drink mixes with blood affecting some key parts of the human body. Alcohol first reaches the stomach, then it travels to the intestine. Too much consumption of alcohol highly affects the intestine as it gets absorbed by the organ. Alcohol also affects the inner wall of the stomach. Too much drinking of alcohol may also cause ulcerative haemorrhage.

Drinking alcohol with an empty stomach is more dangerous as it tends to mix with the blood faster. After entering the human body, alcohol first affects the brain which then impacts the central nervous system. Alcohol also increases the amount of gastric acid in the body which can lead to ulcers.