Here’s how you can charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max really ‘fast’ – Times of India

Smartphones in the Android world have been outpaced by modest charging speeds for a while now. OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and others offer chargers with 50W+ capacity that allow users to charge their phones quickly. in comparison, Apple iPhones charge relatively slowly. Apple no longer offers chargers with iPhones and the fastest you can buy is 30W. However, with iphone 13 pro max, users have the option to charge it relatively quickly.
According to a video posted by ChargerLab on its YouTube channel, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can handle fast charging up to 27W. The publication tried to use a 30W charger to find out the charging capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
ChargerLab also showed that Apple’s most expensive iPhone can’t charge at 27W of power all the time while charging. The iPhone 13 Pro Max charges faster than the iPhone 12 Pro Max because last year’s flagship had a maximum capacity of 22W.

The trick to make iPhone 13 Pro Max charge faster

Since you don’t get a charger these days, chances are you have an old charging brick that will max out at 20W. In order to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max faster, you may need to have other Apple products in your home. For example, if you have the M1 MacBook Air, Apple comes with a 30W charger that can be used to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max quickly. Or even a MacBook Pro can be used which has a 61W charger. Remember that you have to use the Type-C to Lightning cable that Apple still mercifully provides with iPhones.
Apple claims that all new iPhones can be up to 50% better with about 30 minutes of charging. Then it takes another 60 minutes for full charge. Compared to flagship – or even some mid-range – Android phones, it’s really slow.