Google Chromebooks of the future could detect when someone spy on your laptop’s screen – Times of India

Google Is working on a new feature for your Chromebook laptop that will determine if someone is looking at your laptop’s screen over your shoulder. According to a report by 9to5Google, future Chromebooks will come with a sensor called human presence sensor, This will determine if a human is visible to the Chromebook’s camera. Google has been working on this sensor for some time.
An upcoming flag for Chrome shows how Chromebooks will use the human presence sensor to enable detect spy, Enables snooping protection to notify you whenever a ‘snooper’ is looking over your shoulder. Can be enabled and disabled from the Smart Privacy section of your device settings,” the report says.
If the Chromebook’s camera detects someone, chromeOS can do a few things to keep your work from being spied on. It may display a simple eye icon in the corner of the screen to inform you that you are being watched or it may automatically dim your Chromebook’s screen. ChromeOS can also temporarily turn off notifications when someone else is detected on your screen.
Whether these functions can be preset or chosen only after the Chromebook’s camera detects a person is not yet clear. Also, considering the fact that this feature is a hardware side upgrade, chances are it might not be a common feature for all Chromebook users.
Google hasn’t officially announced the feature yet, but it’s expected that Chromebooks with human presence sensors won’t launch until 2022 at the earliest.