God don’t make any girl the wife of Railway TT… – Rail Hunt

Retired after 35 years of TT job in Railways. started living at home.
After a month, the wife told the husband to go to the doctor, I have to do a little checkup.

In the evening, after taking the wife to the doctor, the husband said, go and see,
He made a look like Ronnie and said, you come forward
i had an excuse
actually you had to show

Dr. Saab, he was a TT in the railways for the last 35 years.
He used to come home only for two days in a week, stayed out for the rest of the day.
Constantly endured the “environment of rail travel”.

Now coming home after retirement has done wonders.
Four feet wide bed has been cut to two feet,
Tie the briefcase to the chain and lock it,
They fill air in the pillow and keep the slippers by the head,
The tube light of the room is removed and
A zero watt valve has been installed in its place.

Taking out cassettes of film songs from tape recorders,
railway announcement,
car sound,
bell ringing,
Hot cha,, I put the cassette of the hoarse voice of the samosa,
Peanut peels, and bits of bidi cigarette are spread around the bed,

i stay up all night
and they fall asleep
I don’t know how to live life
Give tea in a cup, then drink it in a kulhad,

One night when the guests came, I woke them up.
They changed sides and handed me a train ticket and a hundred rupee note.

I said what is this, then said not to make a receipt
When you come to Indore, take care

From father, sofaset found in dowry has been sold for half the price,
In return, have bought two cement branches,

The paintings in the bedroom have been separated,
in their place,
Indian Railways is your property
It is forbidden to draw chains
has written,

came and sat beside them one night
They folded their feet and said come
let’s sit back

I am ashamed to tell Dr. Saab but what do I have to hide from you?
they asked me
where do you want to go sister

Refusing to eat food on the dining table
Fills puris in sweet boxes and vegetables in plastic bags,

one night my brother and father came
Both are very ashamed of their actions
In the night, the brother moved his briefcase a little.
He said in anger that he was not ashamed to pull the chain.

In the morning old father was getting up early and going to take bath.
were coming from the window next to them on the balcony
He woke them up by putting their hands out the window
He said in anger, don’t wake up like this
won’t find anything here

baba go ahead
Dad went ahead and called him back

Gave him a one rupee coin and asked which station he came

they have a strange
one on one ruckus
Just got an old table fan from the junkyard
Removed the ceiling fan hanging on the ceiling and put a table fan in its place.

take a strange way to turn it on
Takes out the comb from the pocket and spins the fan

In the morning, take out the brush soap and go towards the bathroom,
I say son is gone
so put the line there

I’ll explain, come, then stop
knocks on the bathroom door after every two minutes

They have lifted the whole house on their heads
The house has been made the waiting room and the bedroom the compartment of the train.

We are afraid to think about how the rest of our lives will be spent with them.
And they talk about seven births
we regret in one birth
God should not make any girl the wife of TT of railways…..