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MUMBAI: India seems to be the taste of the present times for recruiters across the globe, with Indian talent being the most sought after amidst the growth. cross border recruitment,
Jobs from various global markets are being outsourced to skilled talent in India, and it is not just limited to IT. recruitment firm Says the trend is broad-based and is ongoing in non-IT sectors such as digital marketing, content, design, accounting, administrative, project management, supply chain and even manufacturing.
Here the dual benefit of outsourcing jobs to talent is the skill as well as proficiency in the English language. Global recruitment firms are said to be at an advantage because they can take advantage of expertise in sourcing jobs from around the world.
randstad india Head (Research & Selection) Sanjay Shetty “Randstad’s other operating companies have shown interest in how India can deploy talent for its customers in those markets. We are also receiving direct inquiries from customers themselves on these lines. Such global manufacturers who only have liaison offices in India, but are eager to hire seniors and put them on the Randstad’s role until they complete their plans. These officers will be on our payroll until then. .
Shetty said that some organizations in countries like Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium and Singapore, which do not yet have operations in India, are hiring people on the role of Randstad. “We are deploying this talent until these companies settle their books and start operations. As a staffing company, we are using our hire-and-deploy model till companies establish their permanent offices in India. Earlier we used to keep only junior level talent on our payroll, but now we are doing the same for senior executives,” said Shetty.

TeamLease Services EVP & Co-Founder Rituparna Chakraborty Said talent acquisition is one of the biggest profiles sought from India for professional cross border jobs. “The biggest demand is coming from the Middle East. We are seeing inquiries from the UK and some from Europe as well,” Chakraborty said. While most markets previously followed a decentralized system, the last 18-20 months of work from home have changed things. “The pandemic has changed cost structures and companies are keen to invest in India. India also has the requisite skills, the availability of which may be a problem in some other countries. Language is another big plus for Indian talent. Such organizations do not want the talent to move out of India, rather they want them to continue working from here,” Shetty said.
Shekhar Garissa, CEO, a Question The company said, “Hiring globally has become location-agnostic. Many organizations outside India are looking for such talent who can work outside India. Due to the demand-supply gap, one’s wage gap in the foreign market and in India is narrowing.
There is a 30-40% difference in the salary of top talent working on specific jobs in India and abroad. “This gap has been continuously narrowing for 10-15 years. This trend has accelerated in the last 5 years,” said Shetty. Looking at the current trend, Shetty believes that cross-border recruitment for any professional recruitment firm could increase by 10% in the next 2-3 years. “Currently, it contributes 2-3%.”