Gangasagar: Can’t impose restrictions everywhere: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Kolkata News – Times of India

GAGASAGAR: CM Mamata Banerjee Said on Thursday that blanket curbs cannot be imposed as it can cripple the economy. Advice to people to beware of fast spreading infection omicron Tension, he also urged not to panic. CM Banerjee Said that the state would decide on any restrictions after assessing the situation. He has a review meeting on Monday.
The CM told reporters, “Covid had paralyzed the economy in the past. Now if we opt for restrictions everywhere, people will come under fresh financial stress. Decisions will be taken only after assessing the situation.” ” “We have to look at the safety and security of the people. We will decide soon. We will target those places where cases are increasing. We cannot impose restrictions everywhere as it may affect the economy as happened in the last two years. is,” she said.
The CM said, “There is no point in creating containment zones everywhere. Let’s first assess the situation. We will review the situation in schools and colleges. We will also assess whether omicron is spreading among children or not. After that A decision will be taken.” There was a reduction in Kovid in the last six to seven months. Hospitals treating Covid patients started using dedicated beds to treat other patients. Omicron is not fatal, but it is spreading rapidly.”
When asked if any restrictions would be imposed Gangasagar And Park Street, the CM said, “It is a festival in which people from all over the country participate. I cannot stop anyone because Gangasagar belongs to everyone. How will we stop the New Year celebrations? But we will keep a close watch.” ”