Five Choice Rules Written in the Laws of Football

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) said the use of the five options introduced as rules changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic would be formally written into the rules of the game at a meeting in Doha on Monday.

Further discussions, and possible decisions, on concussion options and semi-automatic offside technology, the Governing Body will also be on the IFAB’s agenda.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, a maximum of five substitutes per team were allowed instead of three.

This will now become permanent, although its use in various competitions will be at the discretion of the organization organizing the matches.

For example, the Premier League allowed five substitutes when it was first considered by FIFA in May 2020, but reverted to three subs for its last two seasons. However, they have agreed to allow five substitutes from next season.

The IFAB stated that excluding any changes made at half-time, five changes per team would continue to be allowed in no more than three occasions.

If a match goes into extra time, a possible sixth substitution will be allowed.

The changes to IFAB will start from July 1.

The body, established in 1886 to act as the custodian of the Laws of the Game, will also discuss concussion options and semi-automatic video assistant refereeing techniques.

Trials of what IFAB dubbed an ‘extra permanent concussion replacement’ began last year.

The IFAB stated that where there is any doubt about a player’s injury, players should be protected by “permanently” removal from the match, and to facilitate this, the player’s team should be numerically given priority to the player’s welfare. Shouldn’t take damage.

The semi-automated VaR, which will be able to detect offsides in seconds, has been tested and tested over the past two years at FIFA Club. World In Cup February it uses automatic ball detection and instantly creates three-dimensional models of the player’s position.

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