Explained: The US Space Force turns two years old. Know its goals, importance and what it has achieved so far

New Delhi: United States Space Force (USSF) turns two years old Monday, December 20. US Space Force, which is the latest branch of we The Armed Forces were established on December 20, 2019, when the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed a Law. The NDAA specifies the annual budget of the US Department of Defense.

The establishment of the US Space Force created the first new branch of the armed services in 73 years. This was a result of the widespread recognition of space as a national security imperative, and the fact that near-fellow competitors could be a potential threat in space.

US Space Force mission

The US Space Force is responsible for organizing, training and equipping the ‘Guardians’ to conduct global space operations, enhancing the way the country’s combined and coalition forces fight. USSF members are now officially called ‘Guardians’. It also provides military options to decision makers to achieve national objectives.

The US Space Force equips the Space Forces to protect US and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the combined force. It is a military service entirely focused on achieving excellence in the space sector.

Developing ‘Guardians’, acquiring military space systems, maturing military doctrine for space power, and mobilizing space forces to submit to the nation’s combat commands are the organization’s responsibilities. It began a year ago, when then-Vice President Mike Pence made the announcement at an event celebrating the military branch’s one-year anniversary.

General John W. “Jay” Raymond leads the USSF. He was appointed as the head of space operations by the then President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Chief Master Sergeant Roger Tauberman is named as Senior Enlisted Advisor.

Like the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, the headquarters of the US Space Force and the Office of the Chief of Space Operations are located at the Pentagon.

The US Space Force’s motto, “Semper Supra”, is Latin for “Always Above”—representing the protection of American satellites and the branch of International Space.

Why is the Space Force important?

For the past 60 years space capabilities have played a major role in determining the way a modern military operates. The USSF said on its website that because of space, the US military is faster, better connected, more informative, accurate and lethal.

Space has become essential to the safety and prosperity of people, making it necessary, like other branches of the military, to have a branch of the military dedicated to the defense of space. Almost every part of people’s day-to-day lives is governed by space, which is an important part of the economic system. Unfettered access to space is critical to national defense, and this is where the picture of the US Space Force comes into play.

As space is no longer free from conflict, and potential adversaries are looking for ways to deny the United States access to space capabilities fundamental to the country’s mode of warfare and modern way of life, the Guardians of the American Space Force Called to protect and defend American interests.

Opponents have developed a range of threats, both on Earth and in orbit, that continue to grow in scope, scale, and complexity, and the US Space Force ensures that the nation’s military, allies, and the world will never a day without space. Do not experience , US Space Force Guardians serve around the world, working to design, acquire, field, test, operate and rescue critical space systems on which the world depends.

they stand ready, every Day, “Always Up”, The latest military branch said on its website.

Air Force Space Command was redesignated as US Space Force in 2019. Personnel who belonged to Air Force Space Command may be assigned to the US Space Force. According to reports, in September 2021, the US Space Force announced that 670 active-duty soldiers, sailors and mariners have been selected to move to the latest military branch in 2022.

US Space Force Capabilities And partnership with NASA

The new, independent US Space Force maintains and enhances the United States Department of Defense (DOD)’s competitive edge in space as it adapts to new strategic challenges.

The various Space Force locations are: Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado; Los Angeles Air Force Base, California; Patrick Space Force Base, Florida; Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado; Shriver Space Force Base, Colorado; and Vandenberg Space Force Base, Calif.

Fin orce’s predecessors aAnd Force has a long-standing cooperative relationship with NASA. USSF Task Force 45 supports launches from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to include range support and rescue operations.

The 45th Space Wing was re-designated as Task Force 45 for the launch of the Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission. The launch landed astronauts on American soil for the first time in nine years. Task Force 45 Detachment 3 was a unit of the 45th Space Wing at Patrick Air Force Base, tasked with recovering capsules in case of launch abort, in-flight abort or in-orbit abort, and rescuing astronauts as quickly as possible. went.

NASA and the US Space Force also collaborate in areas such as space domain awareness and planetary defense operations. NASA astronauts can also become members of the Space Force. Colonel Michael S. Hopkins, the commander of the SpaceX Crew-1 mission, was inducted into the Space Force from the International Space Station on December 18, 2020.

Helps conduct spacelift operations at the US Space Force East and West Coast Launch Bases, providing services, facilities and range safety controls for DoD, NASA, and commercial space launch operations.

Ground-based and space-based systems of the United States Space Force monitor ballistic missile launches around the world to defend against a surprise missile attack on North America. A global network of space surveillance sensors provides vital information on the location of satellites and space debris to the nation and the world. To protect American space assets from hostile attacks, maintaining space superiority is very important.

Achievements of the US Space Force

In September 2021, the chief of space operations, General John W. “Jay” Raymond issued A list of “firsts” and achievements throughout the field we A Brief History of the Space Force to illustrate how the nation’s latest military service is “purpose-built” for success, at a time when the nation “can no longer take place”, According to a statement from the US Space Force.

“Instead of growing to acquire new functions, we have empowered parents to be effective; reorganized them to be efficient and equipped them to use our small size as a sustainable advantage.” He was told in the statement.

Raymond highlights three new Guardians, each of whom has recently graduated from the Air Force Academy, to outline the kind of person the Space Force needs and is looking for.

In his keynote address at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber ​​Conference, Raymond said that space is clearly a battlefield, and that if deterrence fails, the US Space Force will have to fight and win the battle for space superiority, According to the statement. “Let me be clear; We don’t want to fight in space. We want to stop this from happening,” he was quoted as saying.

Raymond said that since the inception of the Space Force on December 20, 2019, there has been a special focus on the country’s latest military service – being lean and fast, innovative and integrated.

“We are building this service from day one with the aim of competing, stopping and winning against the growing threat,” he said.

He said the reason and need are clear.

Raymond said that space was once considered benign, and was once largely uninhabited in every country except the United States and Russia (and the Soviet Union). However, today it is far more congested and dangerous, and there are currently 30,000 objects and space junk orbiting Earth at high speed, he explained. He said that at present more than 70 countries are operating satellites of different sizes and capacities.

“I also believe that adversaries are increasingly using space for their long-range kill-chains. So our ability to defend our own and generate space superiority despite attack is critical. Space is our combined force. underscores the success and survival of the said,

explaining that the danger is real, She stated that the difficulty in attribution, combined with the tremendous speed of the space domain, provides a sufficient incentive for an adversary to launch an attack in space.

He said China has deployed satellites with robotic arms that could be used to “grab” other satellites in the future, and that Russia has a co-orbital anti-satellite weapon. He referred to it as a “nesting doll satellite”, which “is specifically designed to hit US satellites”.,

“Bottom line, we must protect space,” he said. “It underlies every instrument of national power – diplomatic, information, military and economic,” he said.

Space Operations Command, Space Systems Command and Space Training and Readiness Command are the three major commands of the US Space Force. The number of active-duty guardians is currently 6,490 and 6,206 citizens.