Draft and Deri laws create growing rift between Netanyahu, haredim

Tensions continued in the coalition between Haredi parties and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday after United Torah Judaism’s Jerusalem and Traditions minister. Mir Porush criticized him earlier this week over the inability to fulfill promises made in the coalition agreements between the UTJ and Likud.

in an interview Mishpacha In UTJ, a newspaper affiliated with the Hasidic Agudat Yisrael faction, party chairman and housing minister Yizhak Goldkopf said Netanyahu had received “unequivocal information” that the faction’s spiritual leadership council ruled that if a Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) conscription law was not passed, By the time the budget is passed on 29 May, Agudat will leave the Israel government.

According to the coalition agreement between Likud and UTJ, Haredi recruitment issue There should be a solution by the time the budget is passed. The current bill is due to expire on July 31. Two Haredi factions – Shas and the Lithuanian Degel Hatorah (which form the other half of United Torah Judaism) – agreed that it was not realistic to pass such a bill by May 29, but Agudat Israel has yet to make this demand. Have not left.

Shas demanded to pass dairy law

Shas also criticized the government on Thursday after publicly refraining from doing so so far. In an article in the party-affiliated newspaper Heiderecht, Shas spokesman and secretary Asher Medina criticized the government for not taking immediate action through the “Derry Law”, which would allow party chairman Aryeh Derry to face health and health issues. Returning to their former positions will help. interior Minister.

Netanyahu removed Derry in January after the High Court of Justice ruled that the appointment was “highly inappropriate”, due to his criminal history and misleading the court in his last sentencing in January 2022, when he said he would return to politics. Will not come and received a generous plea deal.

Likud Party President MK Benjamin Netanyahu shakes hands with United Torah Judaism MK Yitzchak Goldkopf at the Assembly Hall of Parliament (Knesset) on November 21, 2022. (Credit: Yonatan Sindel / Flash90)

Medina wrote, Derry’s “impious removal” was a “blood flowing from an open wound” that “will not stop until he is returned to his position,” calling Derry law a “fair and just world where Justice is a beacon,” should be added. The bill would have been the first to be placed on the Knesset floor in the summer session that began on Sunday, and governing Knesset members were supposed to announce they would not participate in votes in the plenum until it passed.

Goldknopf and Medina’s comments came a day after acrimonious exchanges between Netanyahu and Otzma Yehudit, the national security minister. Itamar Ben-GvirThis led Ben-Gvir to announce that his party would boycott Knesset votes unless they were given sufficient influence over the state’s national security policy.