Clean Beauty Takes Over: The Rise of Natural Ingredients in Indian Skincare

Green is the new beauty standard: The emergence of clean ingredient-led brands in India

Green is the new beauty standard: The emergence of clean ingredient-led brands in India

The trend towards clean beauty in India is driven not only by consumer demand but also by growing environmental awareness of traditional beauty products

In recent years, the beauty industry in India has seen a significant shift towards clean and natural ingredients. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential health hazards associated with some commonly used chemicals in skincare and cosmetics and are looking for brands that use safer, eco-friendly alternatives. This has given rise to a new wave of clean ingredient-based beauty brands that are gaining popularity in the Indian market. These brands are committed to using only natural and organic ingredients in their products, and many also prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing.

This trend towards clean beauty in India is driven not only by consumer demand but also by growing awareness of the environmental impact of conventional beauty products. Many of these products contain non-biodegradable or non-recyclable materials, contributing to the plastic waste problem in India. As a result, many consumers are actively looking for brands that offer eco-friendly packaging and sustainable production practices.

According to a market research study, the global vegan cosmetics market size was pegged at over USD 15 billion in 2021, while it is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 6.3% till 2030. The Indian market is also expected to emerge as a major market. Active participant in this growth story. “This shift is being driven primarily by ethically conscious consumers who prefer vegan skincare products. However, when it comes to awareness among manufacturers about clean beauty and effectiveness of plant-based formulations, it is slowly being taken away by some of the ethical and upcoming players in this field. For example, we set up our own R&D and manufacturing unit to ensure zero compromise on nature-based solutions. Superfoods-based clean beauty and high-performance makeup-skincare hybrid products must also be attributed to the rise of clean beauty in India,” says Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia, Co-Founder, La Miore.

Indian consumers have shown great interest for innovative products, without abandoning the millennia-old tradition of Ayurvedic medicine. “Between innovation and tradition, our brand has pillars established on the synergy between nature, Ayurveda and technology to offer natural and sustainable products to our consumers. In our products we use organic ingredients from India and Brazil. Combine the best of biodiversity, sourced from small producers in the Northeast of Brazil, supporting business and quality of products in small communities. In our solutions for the Indian beauty market, we focus on creating products that that combat the effects of climate, pollution and monsoon season. We develop our products with safe formulations, which are non-toxic to the environment and free of ammonia and its by-products (ethanolamine, diethanolamine, triethanolamine) for you and as a result we are present in the main natural products markets in the USA: Wholefoods Market, Sprouts and Natural Grocers, ”says Celia Cecilia Angeln, Founder, Surya Brasil.

The rise of clean-ingredient beauty brands in India is a reflection of changing consumer preferences and growing awareness of the impact of conventional beauty products on both personal health and the environment. As more consumers become aware of what they put on their skin and the impact their choices have on the planet, it is likely that the trend towards clean beauty will continue to gain momentum in India. With innovative and sustainable brands emerging in the market, the future of clean beauty in India looks promising, and we can expect to see a transformation in the industry in the years to come.

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