Nick Jonas Apologises To Fans For Not Performing Due To Ill Health: ‘I Hate Disappointing You Guys’ – News18

Nick Jonas revealed that he has influenza A. (Photo: Instagram)

Nick Jonas revealed that he has influenza A. (Photo: Instagram)

Nick Jonas also revealed that these cancelled shows have now been rescheduled for August 2024.

Singer and global icon Priyanka Chopra’s husband, Nick Jonas took to his Instagram handle on Friday to apologise to fans for rescheduling the Jonas Brothers show due to ill health. Nick, along with his brothers Kevin and Joe was scheduled to perform in Mexico this weekend.

In his video statement, Nick Jonas revealed that he has influenza A. He shared that he has been extremely unwell for the last couple of days and even though he visited a doctor, his health hasn’t gotten better yet.

“Hey everybody, it’s Nick here. I have some not-so-fun news to share. A couple of days ago, I started feeling kind of rough; I lost my voice when I woke up and grinded that night out…Over the last two, two and a half days, it’s gotten progressively worse. I was basically in bed all day yesterday, fever, body ache, sore throat and really bad cough,” Nick said.

The Jealous singer further apologised to fans for the inconvenience and argued that he hates “disappointing” them. “I just need to recover and beat these things. I’m so sorry. I hate disappointing you guys. You do so much to support us. A lot of you have travelled out to be at that show. Just want to say I’m heartbroken over this. Again, I’m really sorry, but I gotta try to beat this thing,” he added.

In the caption of his clip, Nick wrote, “Hi guys. I have come down with the nasty strain of influenza A that’s been going around, and I’m not able to sing at the moment. We always want to be able to give you guys the best show and I’m just not able to do that for these shows in Mexico at this time.”

He also revealed that these shows have now been rescheduled for August 2024. “We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience this causes some of you. Love you all. You’re the best fans in the world. Will bring 120% in August!” he added.

Soon after the video was shared, Nick Jonas’ fans rushed to the comments section to wish him a speedy recovery. “Take care nick, we love you ❤️,” one of the fans wrote. “Nick. Poor Nick. Omg. Your voice sounds terrible. Please take care of yourself. Rest up. We love you,” added another.

The first show of the current Jonas Brothers tour was held in New Zealand in February this year. The trio is now all set to perform in Ireland followed by the UK, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland in September. They will hold their last show of the tour in Poland in October this year.