Chadwick Boseman wins posthumous Creative Arts Emmy, wife gives moving speech

Washington: Late Hollywood star Chadwick Boseman, during Saturday`s Creative Arts ceremony, was honoured with a posthumous Emmy win for voicing the character of T`Challa in Marvel`s `What If…?` series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boseman won in the outstanding character voice-over performance category for his role as Star-Lord T`Challa in the `What If… T`Challa Became a Star-Lord?` episode.

He was nominated in the same category alongside F. Murray Abraham (Moon Knight), Julie Andrews (Bridgerton), Maya Rudolph (Big Mouth), Stanley Tucci (Central Park), Jessica Walter (Archer), and Jeffrey Wright (What If…). Boseman`s first victory and first Emmy nomination came with the honour.

Taylor Simone Ledward, the recipient of the award, said, “When I learned that Chad was nominated for this award, I started thinking about everything that was going on when he was recording — everything that was going on in the world and in our world, and just being in such awe of his commitment and his dedication.” Ledward is the wife of Boseman.

“And what a beautifully aligned moment it really is that one of the last things he would work on would not only be revisting a character that was so important to him and his career and to the world, but also that it be an exploration of something new, diving into a new potential future — particularly with everything he spoke about purpose and finding the reason that you are here on the planet on this very time,” she continued.

“You can`t understand your purpose unless you`re willing to ask, `What if,` unless you`re willing to say, `What if the universe is conspiring in my favor, what if it`s me?`””Thank you so much for the honor — Chad would be so honored, and I`m honored on his behalf,” Ledward finished.

After a long struggle with colon cancer, Boseman passed away in 2020. He had already been nominated for a posthumous Oscar for best lead actor performance in Ma Rainey`s `Black Bottom`.Boseman`s impact is still deeply ingrained in popular culture. His breakthrough performance in `Black Panther` made that movie the first superhero movie to be nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards. Later this year, Ryan Coogler will return to helm `Black Panther: Wakanda Forever`, the sequel to the first intallment.