Campus anti-drug panels in Telangana defunct, toothless | Hyderabad News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: Despite police making it mandatory for all educational institutions to have anti-drug committees, most colleges in the state do not have such panels, while many have them only on paper.
Students and faculty said that while police are doing their job by taking a session once in a while, not much awareness drives or activities are taken up by college managements.

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“A majority of colleges don’t conduct any activities. Sometimes the police come and deliver a talk, but managements don’t follow up,” said A Santosh Kumar, president of Telangana Schools Technical Colleges Employees Association. He said that ganja is easily available near many colleges, especially those located on the city outskirts. “Apart from ganja, students mixing alcohol or some other substances in aerated drinks and getting them to college is also common,” he added.
Faculty said that the menace is mostly in top colleges, where students have easy access to money. They also pointed out that dhabas or eateries discreetly selling alcohol, tobacco products, and other substances is also quite common.
Colleges that have antidrug committees have principals, faculty, parents, students, and police personnel as members. The members of these committees, especially student members, said that they are not aware of the functioning of these committees.
“Superintendent of police gave a talk last year. Apart from that, I don’t have much idea about other programmes taken up by the committee,” said a student member of a well-known engineering college in the city. The managements, meanwhile, said that they were a little worried that having ananti-drug committee will send out a negative message.
“Most of us did not form the committee as we are worried that it will have a negative impact. In Hyderabad, there is no drug menace and I don’t think not having a committee will have any major impact,” said K Ramdas, honorary president of Telangana Pharmacy Colleges and convener of Telangana Private Colleges JAC.
K Shilpavalli, the deputy commissioner of Police (Madhapur Zone), confirmed that colleges and schools are apprehensive about setting up anti-drug committees.
“Though we are insisting that colleges and schools have these committees, we are facing resistance from the managements. But, they should realize that this is a preventive measure and doesn’t mean a college/school with such a committee has a drug problem. This is for establishing a culture where the management, faculty, students can stand up against the drug abuse and report immediately, if and when they come across such incidents,” said Shilpavalli.