Board candidates struggling while preparing for term 2 exam, say maths, science is the most difficult

According to a survey conducted by Philo App, out of all the subjects, students come with the highest number of doubts in maths, with this subject accounting for over 35 per cent of the questions. The top five topics in mathematics that confuse students the most are permutations and combinations, integration, complex numbers, and probability.

Mathematics is followed by physics, which accounts for 30 per cent of all questions on the app. Core topics in physics such as rotational mechanics, electromagnetic induction, semiconductors, projectile motion and center of mass are areas where students are faltering.

Chemistry constitutes 20% of the total questions. Organic chemistry, ionic equilibrium, and electrochemistry are the resulting topics for most of the questions. Students are more confident in their biology preparation with only 5 percent questions about subjects such as human physiology, plant physiology, and cell structure and function. The remaining 10 per cent are around the subjects of social science, English, other languages ​​and computer.

The survey provides a perspective about how students are managing their studies, tackling difficult subjects, and focusing on the topics important to them to score their best in the exam. They also underline the need for counseling sessions for students during this time to manage the stress and performance pressure related to exam preparation.

It further states that on an average students are spending 4 to 5 hours per week solving their questions. Students from Tier 2 cities are spending 20 percent more time on the app for exam preparation than their counterparts from Tier 1 cities. This difference may be due to better access to high quality teachers and tutors in metros.

Around 80 per cent students are battling with exam pressure and are seeking suggestions on last minute preparation strategies, time management and preparation concerns. 30 per cent students preparing for class 12 board exams are worried about career options with questions about colleges, job prospects and software courses beyond engineering and medical. They are increasingly seeking support from tutors and mentors, the numbers increasing as the exam dates near.

While students try to manage their study hours throughout the week, the motivation to study among students, especially those appearing for board exams, is at its highest on Monday. 10 per cent are spending up to 1 hour a day in self-study and on Sundays, students like to take rest and break studies. When it comes to peak learning time, the evening between 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM is most favorable. Students who are active at night usually study between 11 pm and 2 pm.

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