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BJP’s brand new Gujarat cabinet completely dissolves caste and regional divisions

With months to go for the Gujarat Assembly, the BJP on Thursday inducted 24 members, of whom 21 debuted as ministers, in the four-day Bhupendra Patel-led ministry, in the previous Vijay Rupani-led regime. Removed all ministers. Minister Narendra Modihome state of

The fresh recruits include two women and representatives from different communities. Practice shows that the party has tried to balance caste and regional representation.

After electing Patel, a leader of the Patidar community, as the chief minister, the BJP also gave space to six Patidar and six OBC leaders, four from Scheduled Tribes, three from Scheduled Castes, two each from Brahmins and Kshatriyas and one member from the Jain community. Is. .

The choice of ministers in the newly formed cabinet reflects the prominent presence of Saurashtra and South Gujarat. Also Patel factor is also very high. There are eight ministers from Saurashtra, seven from South Gujarat, six from Central Gujarat and three from North Gujarat.

Patidar Illustration

Arvind Rayani (Luva)

Jitu Vaghani (Luva)

Vinu Mordia (Luva)

Raghavji Patel (Leuva)

Hrishikesh Patel (Bitter)

Brijesh Merja (kadva)

Bhupendra Patel

region wise break up

North Gujarat

(1) Hrishikesh Patel (Visnagar Patel)

(2) Gajendra Parmar (Pratinj) OBC)

(3) Kirit Singh Vaghela (Kankraj) Kshatriya

South Gujarat

(1) Naresh Patel, Ganadevi (ST)

(2) Kanu Desai, Pardi (Brahmin)

(3) Jitu Chaudhary (Kaprada) ST

(4) Harsh Sanghvi (Majura) Jain

(5) Mukesh Patel (Olpad) Koli Patel

(6) Vinu Mordia (Qatargam) Patel


(1) Arvind Raiyani (Rajkot) Patel

(2) Raghavaji Patel (Patel) Jamnagar

(3) Brijesh Merja (Patel) Morbi

(4) Deva Malam (Keshod) Kolik

(5) Kirit Singh Rana (Limbdi) Kshatriya

(6) RC Makwana (Mahuva, Bhavnagar (Koli))

(7) Jitu Vaghani: Bhavnagar West (Patel)

Central Gujarat

(1) Jagdish Panchal (Nicole) OBC

(2) Nimisha Suthar (Morva Hadaf) ST

(3) Pradeep Parmar (Asarwa) SC

(4) Arjun Singh Chauhan (Mehmadwad OBC)

(5) Kuber Dindor (Santrampur) ST

(6) Manisha Advocate: SC

(7) Rajendra Trivedi: Brahmini

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