Bigg Boss Marathi promo: Vishal and Sonali discuss ‘scorpion gang’

Things are slowly getting interesting with the chatter of this ‘scorpion gang’.

It also seems from the promo that there is going to be a rift between Meenal and Vikas.

The third season of Bigg Boss Marathi is witnessing some serious twists and turns with each passing day. On Monday, Colors Marathi released a promo on Instagram, which got the audience curious about the “scorpion gang”. From the promo, it also appears that there is going to be a tussle between Meenal and Vikas. In the video shared by the channel, Vikas was seen talking to Sonali about the “scorpion gang”.

In the gossip that surfaced from Vishal Nikam’s gossip booth on Monday, his fans were gossiping about Sonali, which the former did not like. However, this development has seen Meenal enter the game in full force. Has Minal really upped her game? Things are slowly getting interesting with the chatter of this ‘scorpion gang’.

Vikas is seen discussing with Sonali about the so called ‘scorpion gang’ of which Minal is allegedly a part. Sonali replies saying that maybe Meenal has started her game. After a while, Sonali asks him why he goes and sits with this special bunch of people. Vikas replies that he does not initiate a conversation with them; Rather, it is they who come and talk to him.

Every day new equations come to the fore in the Bigg Boss Marathi house. At present there are only two groups in the house. In each act, members of the group try to seize the captaincy, leading to fighting and arguments. Mahesh Manjrekar can be seen on the weekend where he questions the contestants on their conduct in the house. Trupti Desai was most recently homeless, and now things are about to get more interesting.

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