Big change in the rules of presidential election, this condition has to be fulfilled to become a candidate

Earlier, common people could also file nomination for the post of President. But now this election has become out of reach of common man. The new rules now require a minimum of 50 proposers and 50 supporters to vote for the post and be a member of the Electoral College (Electoral College – MP and MLA).

Meanwhile, supporters and supporters must separate. They cannot be in the same role. That is, the proposer cannot be a supporter or a supporter cannot be a mover. Meanwhile, the security deposit for the presidential election has been increased to Rs 15,000. Earlier it was five thousand rupees.

Significantly, in the 2016 election, 95 candidates entered the presidential election fray. Last time a total of 108 nomination papers were submitted. A candidate can submit up to four nomination papers. Last time many such candidates had submitted multiple nominations. But last time after verification there were only two names in the ballot paper. One is Ramnath Kobind and the other is Meira Kumar. All other nominations were rejected. The condition of solidarity of supporters and supporters will prevent all people from submitting nominations in this way without any basis.