A government school, which is outperforming the private school: 7 classes digital, 2700 students and 97 teachers in the school up to class 12, have to pass the test for admission

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  • In Village Digital, the school has 7 classes up to 12th standard, one has to pass the test for admission, RO water and 16 CCTV cameras are installed for monitoring.

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Digital Classroom of Kabri School.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Digital Classroom of Kabri School.

There is such a government school in the rural area of ​​Panipat district of Haryana, which is beating the private schools of the city. The principal and the teacher have changed the definition of a government school. In this school up to 12th, 7 classes are digital. There is a library of 2 thousand books. RO water is available for drinking. 16 CCTV cameras have been installed to keep a watch on the activities of the school. For the last four years, the result of every class remains 100%. To take admission in the school, children have to go through a test. This year 31 teachers of the school have been honored on Teachers’ Day.

Children riding in the school's RailNuma Classroom.

Children riding in the school’s RailNuma Classroom.

As soon as people take the name of a government school, people’s mind comes to the mind of broken buildings, mats to sit, broken black boards, dirty bathrooms, tap water to drink, children in different clothes, lack of books and other things. But the Senior Secondary School of Kabri village of Panipat is changing this thinking.

By now you must have heard about the test for admission in private schools. Whereas in order to increase the number of children in government schools, the government orders to conduct Prabhat Pheri and publicity. But for admission in Government Senior Secondary School located in Kabri village of Panipat, children have to give a test.

This is because this village school beats the best private schools in the city in terms of education and facilities. There are 5-5 sections in each class of this school up to class 12th. The number of children in the school is 2700. The number of teachers teaching here is also 97, which is more than the number of teachers in any school in the district.

School principal Ranbir Jaglan.

School principal Ranbir Jaglan.

School picture changed after 2017
In the year 2017 Ranbir Jaglan took charge as the principal of the school. Since then the school has received only a government grant of Rs 1.5 lakh. With the help of school teacher Sanjeev Shastri, development works worth about Rs 1.5 crore were done in the last 4 years. Due to which the facilities have increased in the school and along with the children, the confidence of the parents has also increased in the school.

24 hour light facility
There is a shortage of electricity in government schools. Even where there is electricity, there is hardly any provision of fans and lights, but Kabri School has a 24-hour power supply with the necessary electrical equipment. Here 2 solar energy systems have been installed by the refinery, so that the children can be saved from the trouble of heat and darkness.

16 CCTV cameras are installed for surveillance
There is a demand for CCTV cameras due to incidents of misbehavior with young children in schools. That’s why private schools arranged for CCTV cameras, but it is difficult to imagine CCTV cameras in government schools right now. There are 16 CCTV cameras installed in the government school of Kabri.

100% result of every class
This is probably the first government school in the country, where children are admitted after the test. This is the reason that the result of every class of this school remains 100% every year. Along with the village, the children of the city also come to the school to study.

31 teachers got respect on teachers day
Principal Ranbir Jaglan said that 31 teachers of the school have been honored by the district administration on Teacher’s Day on account of 100% result of the school and the children coming first in other activities along with education.

English media option after class 6
There is also an option to study in English medium after class 6 in Kabri Senior Secondary School. Hindi medium is taught till class 5. After this, children can also study in English medium as per their wish. Apart from this, vocational teachers are hired to teach subjects like beauty wellness.

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