49-Yr-Old Man Arrested for Impersonating a Woman, Extorting 21Lakhs from Chennai Man

A 49-year-old man from Tamil Nadu’s Salem was arrested by the Nungambakkam police on December 6 for duping a man from Chennai by posing as a woman.

According to the police, the complainant, 39-year-old Raghuram, a resident of Puzhuthivakkam, is employed as a senior executive by a private company in Nungambakkam, Chennai. In search of a partner, his father came in contact with a man named Balasubramaniam Kalyanaraman, who informed him that his family was looking for a groom for his niece Aishwarya, who was living in Salem, Tamil Nadu.

He told Balasubramanian that he liked the profile of his son Raghuram. According to officials, Aishwarya was in touch with Raghuram on his mobile phone since then. Raghuram apparently found Aishwarya’s words interesting. On 22 May, Raghuram received a call claiming to be from Aishwarya, asking for Rs 8,000 for emergency medical treatment of her mother.

Later, Raghuram sent an additional Rs 20.90 lakh in instalments, deposited through a digital wallet as he claimed that his mother needed further treatment. Eventually, the police further added that whenever Raghuram’s questions regarding the marriage to Kalyanaraman would be asked, he would evade Raghuram’s questions. Therefore, when Raghuram got suspicious, he refused to give back the cash as well. Consequently, Raghuram filed a police complaint and a case was registered.

After an interrogation, the police took into custody Thathathri, 49, of Chinna Tirupati in Salem, who had impersonated both Kalyanaraman and Aishwarya to dupe the complainant over the phone. The accused, who was a medical representative, was found to have spent the money on an online game and lost it. Further investigation is underway.

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